Political Capital is a policy research, analysis and consulting institute founded in 2001 in Budapest, Hungary. Our institute owes no allegiance to any government or political body. But we are committed to the basic values of parliamentary democracy, human rights and a market economy.

We have developed an extended network of professional partners, both domestically and internationally, all of whom have helped our institute to become one of the most influential think tanks in Central and East Europe. We have cordial relationships with both domestic and European decision-makers, which greatly assist in the success and effectiveness of our work. We have also built up extensive media relations, and our experts give interviews to domestic and international media on a daily basis.

Political Capital focuses on issues such as democratic institutions and related challenges, political risks, radicalism and extremism, electoral systems, international migration and policies, international relations (especially between Europe and Russia), the diplomatic ties of the Visegrad countries, and relations between EU member states.

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