Winners and losers of the pandemic – the Visegrad outlook


Winners and losers of the pandemic – the Visegrad outlook – an online live streamed event, organized by EURACTIV Slovakia, EURACTIV Czechia, EURACTIV Poland and Political Capital 

Date and time: 20 January 2021, 11:00-12:30

Location: Online event

Language: English


The pandemic has laid bare all of the weaknesses – and in some rare cases also strengths – of social and economic fabric of the Visegrad countries. What have we learned about them under this pressure of unprecedented nature? Does the situation differ dramatically among countries and are there commonalities?


DANUŠE NERUDOVÁ – Rector, Mendel University, Czechia
ÁGOTA SCHARLE – Senior Researcher, Budapest Institute, Hungary
PIOTR ARAK – Director, Polish Economic Institute, Poland
MIRIAMA LETOVANEC SVETKOVSKÁ – Former Director of the Implementation Unit, Government Office, Slovakia



The full video coverage of the  event is available here: