Brussels vs Moscow: What is the point of sanctions against Russia?


Date: 25 May 2022, 10:00-11:10
Venue: online event (Zoom)

Language: Hungarian (with English translation via Zoom)


Ever since the start of Putin’s war on Ukraine, we have been hearing, reading about new and new sanctions packages against the aggressor. What are sanctions exactly? What theoretical, philosophical justifications are behind them? What can we expect from them in practice? Which sanctions can achieve their aims, which cannot? These are the questions our guests will discuss. 



10:00-10:05     Welcoming remarks

János Molnár, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Péter Krekó, Political Capital


10:05-10:15     Sanctions policies – Good and bad experiences, lessons to learn

Rudolf Berkes, Political Capital


10:15-11:10     The past, present and future of sanctions policies

András György Deák – senior research fellow, Világgazdasági Intézet 

Dóra Győrffy – professor, BCE

Péter Krekó – director, Political Capital

    Moderator: Dóra Ónody-Molnár – Jelen


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