House rules at Political Capital’s events


The aim of Political Capital’s events is sharing knowledge and generating sober societal debate. The house rules were created to achieve these goals.

The house rules are valid for all of Political Capital’s public events or any other program advertised publicly.

The house rules are always to be applied in line with the rules of the venue where the event is held (e.g., noise restrictions, alcoholic beverages).

Expelling someone from an event is the right of the organizer. The organizer is a staff member of Political Capital present at the event. The organizer makes it clear at the beginning of the event that he/she is responsible for it.

The organizer is authorized to expel a participant from Political Capital’s events who commit any of the following infractions:

  • He/she makes remarks contrary to the spirit of the event, makes gestures that could potentially scare other participants, or if he/she threatens others or exhibits aggressive behavior, or if they display such messages on their clothes, flags, stickers, billboards, etc.
  • He/she makes statements contrary to the basic principles of human rights, disrespects the event’s human rights focus, or makes disrespectful or degrading statements concerning a potentially protected characteristic of another participant (sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc.)
  • He/she hinders the normal proceeding of the event or disrespects the framework of the event. If the organizer decides that participants can only talk after putting their hands up, not respecting the rule can be considered as a distraction of the event.
  • He/she was expelled from a previous event.

Additionally, the organizer can always decide based on his/her own realistic assessment that he/she expels a participant if this is required to ensure the unhindered progress of the event or the security of other participants.

Video and audio recordings might be taken during Political Capital’s events, which can be published on our website or social media surfaces.