Information, availability on election day


The Hungarian general election will be held In Hungary this Sunday, on April 8. Due to the expected interest in this event from international media, we would like to inform you about the Political Capital team’s availability on this special day and some other important issues.

During the day, Political Capital will publish voter turnout data and make predictions based on it. (As you may know, voter turnout might play a key role in the outcome of the election.)

The polling stations are expected to close at 7pm (CEST). (The extension of the opening hours is not expected. However, it might happen in individual cases if the respective polling stations are overcrowded.) Counting the ballots will start at time polling stations close.

No Hungarian pollster institute is expected to conduct an exit poll. Therefore, most probably we will have no credible data to predict the results.

As you might know, this election is expected to be one of the most unpredictable elections in Hungary since 1990 due to a number of factors. Therefore, we cannot predict when the outcome will be clear. There can be a clear winner within a few hours after 7pm but it can also happen that only the final results will provide clarity on April 14 (by then votes cast at embassies will have been counted). However, the Political Capital team will do its best to provide you with insights as soon as possible. We are going to issue a flash report on the results in English in the late hours of Sunday.

Media inquiries from the international media will be handled by Political Capital’s analyst Bulcsu Hunyadi on April 8. You can contact him any time during the day and in the evening. His contact details are: Bulcsú Hunyadi:, +36 20 771 87 28

Our colleagues will appear on three TV stations to analyse the results on election night:

  • Péter Krekó on ATV
  • Attila Juhász on Hír Tv
  • Róbert László on RTL

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will continuously publish data on voter turnout, predictions, possible alerts and short comments until the results are published.