The Future of Healthcare in a Post-Pandemic World



  • Cheng Wen-tsan, Mayor of Taoyuan City
  • Agis Tsouros, Advisor, WHO Europe Healthy Cities Scientific Committee, former Director WHO Europe
  • Gábor Kemenesi, Assistant Professor, University of Pécs
  • Emese Lafferton, Assistant Professor, CEU

Moderator: László Balkányi, former Knowledge Manager at the European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control


This panel meeting focused on better understanding the complex issue of ’sustainability’ of healthcare service stretched to its limitations by a potentially catastrophic event. In this case, an ongoing pandemic. The outstanding composition of the panel allows to discuss this issue from various perspectives of practicing city leaders, high level experts of health policy, virology, medical knowledge as well as adding the history perspective revealing idiosyncratic features of relevant medical and scientific traditions.

Main takeaways

  • In Taoyuan City a great emphasis was placed on large-scale
  • The low case number in Taoyuan City is due to continuous mask wearing and the usage of
  • Home-care and community care became more promoted all around the world due to the
  • Investing in health promotion and prevention is extremely
  • Community resilience, transparency, solidarity, and international cooperation are
  • Without the local governments, mayors, and local communities we cannot effectively confront emerging

Policy recommendations

  • Invest more in local systems and not national systems.
  • Invest in primary health care
  • Examples (as the Spanish flue) are good to look at, lessons to be learned.
  • In hospitals separate different groups to avoid cross infections.
  • Establish more and more screening station.
  • Take transparent and collaborative actions across nations.
  • Increase research capacity all around the world.
  • As it is a global problem we must work together and share knowledge.
  • Bring new technologies into the hospitals.
  • Need to build up public trust because fake news can heavily destruct all the effort.
  • Learn from scientists how they share their results.
  • Integrate science into decision making.