Political Capital, Lakmusz and Mérték received funding for researching and debunking disinformation amidst the 2024 election campaign in Hungary


We are proud to announce that a consortium led by the research institute Political Capital, including the fact-checking site Lakmusz and the media watchdog Mertek Media Monitor, is among the sixteen winners that were granted funding by the European Media and Information Fund (EMIF).



Starting in October 2023, our 9-month, €143,000 project aims to detect, analyse and debunk sponsored disinformation during the 2024 election campaign in Hungary. In addition, and for the first time in Hungary, we will also attempt to show how much money social media platforms make by promoting false and misleading information. To this end, we will monitor, analyse and verify the sponsored content promoted during the 2024 election campaign and identify the financiers. Furthermore, we will make policy recommendations to decision-makers on what steps they should take to reduce the spread of harmful content online. 

We also aim to make more social media consumers aware of how the spread of sponsored content on social media works, and to show the resource differences between political actors. We will do this by continuously tracking, analysing and presenting the spending of political actors on social media platforms in a clear and transparent way.


Political Capital

Mertek Media Monitor

Lakmusz (Magyar Jeti Zrt.)


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