The Hungarian government’s refugee campaign in five points

  1. Despite the fact that, based on the latest party preference survey, support for Fidesz has not increased since April, government politicians consider the government’s antiimmigrant campaign a resounding success.
  2. The refugee campaign is not simply a diversionary tactic or the unusual tussle with Jobbik; instead, it is a rearrangement of the political arena suiting Fidesz, i.e., part of its comprehensive political strategy.
  3. Regarding current migration trends, the government’s campaign is based on two factors. One is the high number of asylum applications submitted in Hungary. The other factor is that the huge influx of refugees notwithstanding, one cannot talk about migration to Hungary.
  4. In fact, the risk of migrants being stranded in Hungary may come about if the Orbán cabinet has its way and asylum policy is relegated to the exclusive competence of member states.
  5. From a policy perspective, other aspects of the government’s ideas about migration also appear to be hackneyed.


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