'We live in a new type of censorship'

24-02-2020 | Guests: Peter Pomerantsev, Péter Krekó and Dorka Takácsy

Peter Pomerantsev, Péter Krekó and Dorka Takácsy discussed the perspectives of liberal democracies in the post-truth age, the possible countering of large-scale disinformation, and whether there is a return from cynicism.

’If you take away the ideal of facts and objective reality and evidence from the political discourse, all your left with is just kind of fear, emotions and kind of a weird dark world where you need a strong man to guide you through’ summed up Peter Pomerantsev the motivation of autoritarian forces behind the disinformation architecture. Is objectivity really ’a myth imposed upon us’?

Peter Pomerantsev, Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics and author of the best-selling books ‘Nothing is true and everything is possible’;  and ‘This is not propaganda’ came to a public event on Russian disinformation that Political Capital co-organized with the British Embassy. You can stream it here.

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+36 20 665-0384