Mystification and Demystification of Vladimir Putin’s Russia

27-02-2019 | Guests: James Sherr, Péter Krekó, András Rácz

In this part of the podcast James Sherr, senior analyst of the Chatham House and of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute discusses questions of Russia’s contemporary foreign and security policy with Péter Krekó, director of Political Capital Institute. Among other aspects, the conversation provides answer to the question, in what ways may Russia use military power as a tool of pressure other than launching a direct attack. Our guests analyse also Russia’s information warfare, and particularly its implications for Central-Europe.

For further information about the real strength of Russia and about the way the Hungarian population perceives it, details are available in the newest publication of Political Capital, titled Mystification and Demystification of Putin’s Russia, presented to the public on 27 February 2019 in Budapest.

Moderator: András Rácz, Security policy analyst (Political Capital)

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+36 20 665-0384