Budapest Forum 2022: Keynote Speech – Cheng Wen-tsan: Taiwan and Taoyuan under the Threat of China


Speaker: Cheng Wen-tsan, Mayor of Taoyuan, Taiwan

Main takeaways

  • Taiwan is especially concerned about the war in Ukraine, living next to a great power that threatens the country’s existence. China has never renounced that it would use force to bring Taiwan under its control. Since Xi Jinping’s came to power, China has become more aggressive in its intimidation against Taiwan.
  • Taiwan still strives to cultivate its diplomatic relations with the US, Japan, and EU countries.
    The country maintains close diplomatic ties especially with the US through political and economic exchanges, official and civilian interactions with each other, and numerous bills passed by Congress.The US also provides Taiwan with defensive military capabilities.
  • Taiwan seeks to increase its regional economic integration through applying to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) – which was denied by China on grounds of the “One China” doctrine. Japan still supports Taiwan’s accession to CPTPP and other international organizations.
  • Delegations from the European Parliament and EU Member States’ Parliaments also voiced their support of Taiwan.Following China’s military exercises around Taiwan and Nancy Pelosi’s visit, the European Parliament put forward a joint motion for a resolution demanding EU help to ensure security in the Taiwan Strait and for closer cooperation with Taiwan.

Policy recommendations

  • China’s hegemonic acts need to be condemned by the international community.
  • Taiwan’s status as Asia’s beacon of democracy should be safeguarded.
  • The international community should help ensure peace and stability in the region.





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