Russian Disinformation and Putin’s “Postmodern Dictatorship”


Peter Pomerantsev is one of the most renowned experts of disinformation and author of two best-selling books on the topic. “Nothing is True and Everything is Possible” (2015, published in Hungarian as well), and This is not Propaganda (2019). During the event, Peter will talk about his experiences in Russia on how the propaganda machine of the Kremlin operates and the nature of Vladimir Putin’s “postmodern dictatorship”. More generally, he will talk about the characteristics of the modern information environment that surrounds us, full of propaganda that efficiently masks itself credible information. Peter will also talk about the need for new theories and approaches in the way how we think about and deal with information and disinformation.

The event will be opened by Iain Lindsay OBE, British Ambassador to Hungary.




Venue: Mercure Budapest Korona Hotel (14, Kecskeméti utca, H-1053 Budapest)

Date: February 25, 2020, 14:00-16:00

Language: English (without translation)


14:00-14:20    Welcome remarks

Iain Lindsay OBE, British Ambassador to Hungary

                        Péter Krekó, Political Capital Institute, Director, Europe’s Futures Fellow, IWM/ERSTE Foundation


14:20-15:30     This is Not Propaganda

Peter Pomerantsev, journalist, author and TV producer. Senior Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics.

moderators: Péter Krekó, Dorka Takácsy, Political Capital Institute


15:30-16:00    Q&A


16:00-16:30    Reception


Please, register at the following link by 24th February:

+36 20 665-0384
+36 20 665-0384