The Orbán regime's disinformation influence in Hungarian minority communities in neighbouring countries


An online public event by the Political Capital


Date: 28 November 2023, 10:00-11:30

Venue: Zoom

Language: English



Since the early 2010s, vast sums of money have been transferred from Hungary to Hungarian communities across the border to build the Orbán regime's influence. The funds have been used primarily to push the local Hungarian public into dependency by funding social and cultural organisations, sports clubs and media, buying real estate and providing agricultural subsidies. Besides, Fidesz has also sought to influence local Hungarian public life at the discourse level by bringing messages across the border, often with polarising and disinformation content. The aim has been to secure the votes of dual citizens and to have an indirect influence on the domestic politics of neighbouring countries. The most recent example of this was the parliamentary election campaign in Slovakia.

The event builds on Political Capital's previous study on building the Orbán regime's international political influence and recent research that examined the Hungarian government's disinformation influence in the Hungarian communities of Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Besides presenting the main findings, the event will offer critical insights into the situation of the Hungarian minority public in the respective countries provided by our local partners.


10:00-10:10       Welcome and presentation of the project

10:10-10:30       Presentation of main project findings – Political Capital

10:30-11:15       Panel discussion on the key characteristics of the Hungarian minority public in Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine

Karin Kőváry Sólymos, journalist (SK)

Zoltán Sipos, editor-in-chief of Átlátszó Erdély (RO)

András Soltész, journalist at Varosh (UA)

   Moderator: Bulcsú Hunyadi, head of programmes, Political Capital

11:15-11:30       Q&A


Please register for the event by 26 November here:

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+36 20 665-0384