The results of the elections in Taiwan and Global Security Dynamics


Joint public event of Political Capital and Taipei Representative Office in Hungary following the general elections in Taiwan

Date: January 16, 2024, 18:00-19:50
Location: Budapest, Central European University, Room 106 (1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 15.)

Language: English



On 13 January 2024, Taiwan will hold elections – one of the first in the long line of elections this year, when more than 2 billion voters will cast their ballots worldwide. The importance of the general elections in Taiwan cannot be overestimated. While economic and energy policies are important topics in the Taiwanese election campaign, the chief foreign policy issue is, obviously, Taiwan’s relationship with China. The decision of the Taiwanese voters will define the next years of Taipei’s foreign policy with profound effects on both regional and global security. Taiwan’s presidential elections will have a clear impact on Chinese policies towards Taiwan, and can also affect Europe’s relations with China, as the European Union aims to pursue a de-risking policy toward Beijing and building close but   unofficial diplomatic relations with Taipei.

The discussion will evaluate this election in the context of other geopolitical events, including the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, intensifying threats from China, and the upcoming European Parliamentary and US presidential elections.



17:30-18:00 – Arrival and coffee break 


18:00-18:20 – Welcoming speeches

Shih-Chung Liu, Taiwan Representative to Hungary

Péter Krekó, Director of Political Capital


18:20-19:50 – Indo-Pacific security after the Taiwan elections – Global perspectives

Yujen Kuo, Institute for National Policy Research

Lenka Meluzínová, Prague Security Studies Institute

Matej Šimalčík, Central European Institute of Asian Studies

Justyna Szczudlik, Polish Institute of International Affairs

Stephen Yates, America First Policy Institute

Michael Zinkanell, Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy

   moderator: András Bartók, University of Public Service


Please register for the event here:

+36 20 665-0384
+36 20 665-0384