What does the future hold for democracy in the V4?


Joint conference of Political Capital and Friedrich Naumann Foundation


14.00-14.10    Opening remarks

     Péter Krekó, director, Political Capital


14.10-14.30    Presentation of the key findings of the V4 study

     Edit Zgut, foreign policy analyst, Political Capital


14.30-16.00    Fleur du mal – What happened to the poster children of the transition?

Democratic backsliding has definitely become a trend in the region where Hungary and Poland are leading the charge. There has been a significant deterioration of the state of political and civil rights and the pillars of democratic governance have been significantly weakened as well. In these two countries a different type of regime is in the making. While Viktor Orbán has successfully built an authoritarian hybrid regime in the heart of the EU Poland‘s illiberal regime is still in its infancy. Although illiberal governance measures have also been implemented in Slovakia and the Czech Republic these did not result in regime transformation. However,  both of them are facing several societal problems similar to Hungary and Poland. What are the limits of illiberalism in the V4? Will the Kaczynski regime be able to walk along Orbán’s path?


     Vit Dostal, director of the Association of International Affairs Research Center (CZ)

     András Bozóki, political scientist, Central European University (HU)

     Grigoríj Meseznikov, president, Institute for Public Affairs (SK)

     Wojciech Przybylski, editor-in-chief of Visegrad Insight, chairman of Res Publica (PL)


   Moderator: Edit Zgut, Political Capital


16.00-16.30    Reception


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The event takes place under the support of FNF



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