Understanding Germany - Possible implications of the Bavarian election


Political Capital's public debate.


Venue: TRIP Hajó (1011 Budapest, Szilágyi Dezső tér, jetty 2)
Date: 19 October 2018, 10:00-12.00
Language: English (without translation)

Political Capital is organising a panel discussion on the political situation in Germany and its possible implications on Hungary and the EU. Based on the outcome of the Bavarian state elections on October 14, we are going to discuss the following topics with our distinguished guests:

  • future developments of the political landscape in Germany,
  • the state and perspective of the relationship between Germany and Hungary,
  • Germany’s approach towards the EU.

The discussion will primarily revolve around the following questions_

  • How will the outcome of the Bavarian election impact the position of Chancellor Merkel?
  • How will the party landscape develop? What will be the implications for the CDU/CSU?
  • What are the cornerstones of German policy towards the EU and Hungary?
  • How will German-Hungarian relations develop?

With the event, we hope to contribute to a deeper understanding of the political situation in Germany and the reasons underlying the state of relations between Germany and Hungary, especially from a German perspective.


  • dr. András Hettyey, senior lecturer, National University of Public Service
  • Edit Inotai, senior fellow at the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID), former correspondent in Berlin
  • Boris Kálnoky, foreign correspondent (Die Welt, Weltwoche, Die Presse, Kleine Zeitung, Deutsche Welle, Cicero), based in Budapest

  Moderator: Bulcsú Hunyadi, Political Capital

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+36 20 665-0384